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Tis the season to be Jolly ? Or Not ?

Christmas time is often referred to the season to be jolly. The sharing of gifts and cards, attending school plays and Christmas songs playing in the shopping centers. The streets lit up with colorful lights to the old movies on the television, all form part of wonderful memories as this year comes to an end.

As the year closes and we say good bye to all we have accomplished and overcome we look forward to starting a fresh New year. Hoping it will bring us a good luck and even more wonderful events. May it be a wedding, a new baby, looking to start a new job or go on holiday...

As many of you may agree amongst the happiest time of year it can also be the most challenging and stressful. The truth is this holiday period often brings lots of anxiety, stress and even depression. While others are singing and dancing, and everyone seems to be smiling so many can be struggling just wishing the weeks to end.

You may be feeling somewhat resentful towards the year, perhaps it didn't not go as you planned it. You didn’t manage to hit the goals you had set yourself and as the year draws in you begin to realise and evaluate what 2016 meant to you. Holidays can trigger unhappy memories for some, thinking about the way life used to be, sparks loneliness, and highlights what has changed this year, perhaps divorce, separation, loss of a loved one.

With all these pressures to just ‘grin and bear it’ and do what’s best for others and perhaps not yourself it’s no wonder people are left exhausted and feeling somewhat low.

  • Trying to juggle, shopping, cooking, and travelling.

  • Financial pressures.

  • Over committing yourself.

  • Trying to lose weight as well as having a good time.

  • Family relationships and dynamics

  • Pressure to meet demands.

  • Trying to look like your happy while ignoring your true feelings.

A few hints and tips from B’s which may help to release some of those unwanted feelings.

  1. Self Love and self compassion, there’s no shame in feeling low.

  2. Reflect on the good things that have happened.

  3. Allow things not to be so perfect, take it easy and doesn’t panic if your house is not as clean.

  4. Avoid social media where often people only portray their life to be much different to it is

  5. Plan your days out, make arrangements with friends who are available or simply do it for you. Go out and make new friends.

  6. Set yourself realistic targets

  7. Start a new hobby.

  8. Treat yourself to a well deserved rest or relaxation.

  9. You are the only one that controls the way you feel.

  10. Surround yourself with people who will lift you.

Lots of love from all at B's xxx

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