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Hydro facial uses a 7 in 1 multifunctional device which promotes deep skin cleansing, exfoliation, and accelerates nutritional absorption. This treatment tightens the chin line, reduces eye bags, dark circles and fine lines around the eyes. 

Step 1- Cleansing & Exfoliation (Dermabrasion) using lactic acid solution, eliminating dirt and impurities by removing dead skin, promoting smoother textured skin.

Step 2 - Extraction & Infusion, clears out blackhead blockages and pores which in turn reduces the risk of acne and breakouts. 

Step 3 - Radio frequency Tightening and lifting the skin, enhancing the firmness and the appearance of more youthful skin.

Step 4 - Collagen stimulation using ultra sound.

Step 5 - Target & restore treatment using light therapy to  rejuvenate the skin and target conditions like acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, redness and hydration. 

Step 6 - Cooling & deep hydration helps smooth the skin and lock in the moisture. 

Step 7 - Seal and add extra vitamin hydration using a mist spray to complete the treatment.  


A single treatment covers multiple skincare needs. This non-invasive treatment does not require surgical procedures or injections therefore there is no down time. Each treatment can be tailored to suit your individual needs, skin types, and specific concerns. This treatment will leave you with cleaner, smoother and more vibrant younger looking skin and instant glowing results.

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