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Enhance your natural filter... 

How does the illumifacial work ?

The illumifacial is a 4 stage treatment.

Step 1 Cleanse

Step 2 Tri-Fruit Acid Peel 

Step 3 Lynton IPL

Step 4 Hydrate and protect with trio serums

What does the treatment feel like ?

It is a very quick comfortable treatment which is designed to provide you with 'optimum skin health'. Some people may experience a slight tingling feeling when the peel is first applied, but it very quickly subsides.  The IPL aspect of the treatment can sometimes be uncomfortable like a warm quick pin prick, but very tolerable.

How many sessions will I need ?

Sessions vary depending on the individuals, a minimum of 3 - 6 treatments will give you the best results every 4-6 weeks apart.

Who is suitable for treatment ?

The treatment is perfect for anyone who exhibits congestion, discolouration and visible signs of ageing. This treatment will improved the texture and health of your skin.


What should I expect after illumifacial ?

You may experience superficial tingling and you may notice a darkening of pigmented spots before they flake away.  This proves the treatment has worked providing you with a more even skin tone.  As time goes on you will notice your skin become even clearer and healthier as the new skin starts to appear. As new collagen is stimulated you will notice your skin becoming firmer and more plump.


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