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What is micro-needling?

Is a treatment which delivers multiple superficial puncture wounds, releasing growth factors that stimulate fibroblast creating new collagen and elastin.  The wound is caused by tiny needles which are either pushed or rolled over the skin, forcing the skin to repair itself. Collagen results from natural wounding of the skin, even though the wound is minuscule. The aim is traumatise the skin without collateral damage to epidermis and healthy tissue. 

What are the benefits?

When your skin starts to repair itself it will naturally produce more collagen and elastin, which provides firm and plumpness to the area. It helps improve the the skin texture, reduces the appearance of any scarring and creates a younger and healthier looking skin.

The treatment;

There are two methods of microneedling.  First option is using a derma roller. A derma roller is a handheld roller with fine needles. The dermaroller is manually rolled over the area which is to be treated by the trained therapist. Second option is the dermafix pen. The difference between the pen and roller is the depth of the needles can be adjusted to concentrate on those areas which may require more or less attention. The speed in which the needles penetrate the skin can also be adjusted causing less discomfort to client. The pen can also be used around the eye area.

After consultation and a topical aesthetic cream is applied to the entire treatment area.  The Dermaroller/Dermafix Pen is then used with a power solution according the results required followed by Peptide/Collagen treatment mask for 10-15 minutes and then finished with a cool hydro smoothing cream. The treatment will take around 45-60 minutes.


We advise and recommend you keep your skin free of makeup free on the day of the treatment and the following day.  If makeup has to be worn the following day please choose natural products which are free from any nasty chemicals and ingredients.  Apply generous amount of moisturisers for at least a week, your moisturiser should consist of SPF20 and if summer months then also use sun cream SPF 40.  Please avoid sun beds, sunbathing & extreme heat conditions up to two weeks after the treatment.  You may find your skin feels a little itchy this is quite normal.

Subsequent Treatments

Treatment may be repeated every 4 weeks.

A course of 3-5 is recommended.

To maximize your results, book microdermabrasion after every other treatment

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