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Hot Stone Massage is an advanced massage treatment using hot balsamic stones which have been heated.  The heat allows the muscles to become warm rapidly as well as relaxation time.  Once the muscles have been heated it allows the therapist to work deeper into the muscles working on any knots and tension which has been built up using the stones as well as their hands.  The stones are used throughout the treatment to heat the client’s body as well as the therapists hands, a variation of oils can also be used to enhance the treatment.  The balsamic stones natural smooth edges and the warmth delivers an amazing treatment, eliminating toxins, calms the nervous system, this treatment is a  different experience compared to a holistic massage and most relaxing.


Hot stone benefits:


  • Improves circulation

  • Reduces back pain

  • Reduces stress, anxiety and tension

  • Deep tissue manipulation

  • Aids the removal of toxins


Hot stone massage is one definitely to experience the experience is unforgettable!


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