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Hair V Go

Hair V Go is a revolutionary professional alkaline hair removal treatment formulated to remove and reduce fine fluffy and non-hormonal hair painlessly.

Are you fed up with Peach Fuzz (Fine downy hair) on your face?

Do you avoid tying your hair up away from your face ?

Fine Downy hair on the face can be just as much of a nuisance as coarse hair. Hair V Go is an extremely effective alkaline treatment formulated to create a mask to reduce vellus hair.  Areas such as checks and jawline can be difficult to remove unwanted hair but with Hair V Go the hair simply dissolves and can be wiped away leaving the skin looking brighter, feeling smooth and hair free.

Following the first treatment most clients will experience some hair reduction.  However clients with virgin hair may notice a more dramatic reduction in hair growth after just one treatment. Results can vary dependant on how the hair was previously treated 

As treatment progresses, re-growth becomes finer, slower and sparse.  Gradually the time interval between treatments will increase with most clients eventually needing just a few maintenance treatments a year.  Aftercare is simple to follow and will help to achieve hair reduction.

Pre & Post Treatment;

  • A patch test will be require at least 48 hours before treatment. 

  • You will need to wait at least 2 weeks following any kind of skin exfoliation or hair removal treatments.

  • Do not use any soap or cleanser prior or post treatment as this can aggravate your skin.

  • In some cases the skin can be appear a little red and feel warm, which should subside in a few hours.

The Treatment;

Step 1      Hair V Go paste is applied to break down the protein structure and dissolves the                         hair deep with the follicle.

Step 2      The product is removed and then neutralised to restore the acid mantle of the skin.

Step 3      The treatment is finished with a specially formulated hair reduction cream.

Essential Aftercare;

Essential for long term results, Hair V Go Hair reduction cream should be used twice daily for 7 days following the treatment.  It is effective in inhibiting hair growth decreasing length and density of unwanted hair as well as soothing and moisturising.

The cream contains a mixture of key botanical hair growth inhibitors, including gymnemic acids, resulting in slower finer hair growth.

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