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Hope you are well, and I am so pleased you have come across my website, so heres a little something about me.  I am a fully qualified, insured and registered practicing complementary and beauty therapist based in a salon in the heart of Aldridge.

Having been brought up with massage as a child and natural therapies I found I easily acquired the techniques I was taught during my many training courses which I started back in 2015.  The more I learnt the more I became drawn into the holistic and beauty world. There are so many treatments on offer and I find them all interesting.  I have found the beauty and Holistic world to be full of love care and positive energy and I have met some absolutely amazing souls on my journey.


I find my job to be very rewarding and gratifying, the feeling of knowing I am able to help others to feel better not only physically and mentally.  I am very passionate about my work and like to give my clients the one to one attention they need by creating an unforgettable ambiance and experience.


The kind of life we lead today can be very demanding and stressful, trying to juggle all its challenges can have a great impact on our body and most definitely our minds.  

I promise to do my best will to create unique treatments to help my clients to feel more confident, revitalised and rejuvenated about themselves. I would like offer guidance and suggestions on what they could try to help them to deal with any health issues or life problems which may be causing them distress. There are so many natural remedies and therapies available for you to try other than or along side modern medicine.  For more updated posts please visit facebook and instagram pages by following the icons above.


I promise if I am unable to assist you, i will do my very best to seek someone who can.

May you all be blessed with all the health and happiness you deserve.

Love Bal xxx

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