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What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen therapy is a relaxing technique that uses gentle pressure on precise points on the body, to perform rolling movements. This stimulates the muscles and soft tissue, encouraging the body to restore balance and heal itself. 

During your therapy, we can target a specific problem or address the body as a whole. The technique works on the musculoskeletal framework, the nerves, internal organs and fascia. This treatment can improve circulation and aids in the elimination of toxins. 


What are the Benefits of Bowen?

Just like other complementary therapies, Bowen’s holistic approach can improve flexibility, general health and well being. 


  • The Bowen technique should be considered for:

  • Back pain and sciatica

  • Digestive and bowel problems including IBS

  • Earache, ear infections and migraines

  • Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome

  • Knee, ankle and foot problems

  • Menstrual and hormonal irregularities

  • Neck/shoulder problems including frozen shoulder

  • Groin pain, pelvic tilt and uneven leg length

  • Respiratory problems and hay fever

  • RSI, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis elbow

  • Sports and accident injuries

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