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Time to reflect

Before the New Year rolls around, spend some time reflecting and remembering all that has happened this past year and acknowledge where you are now.

Ensure you take some time out for you, use your holidays for yourself by respecting the past, honouring the present, and planning the future.

Try to avoid getting rushed away with tasks you should be doing to be part of the norm. Focus you time and energy on that you need to do for you.

Try answering these questions:

• What have I accomplished this year? • Who has supported to me during the good and bad times? • Where do I find my strength? • Who has pleasantly surprised me this year? • What was my biggest lesson learned this year? • What am I feeling right now? • Is my life aligned with my values? • What’s one thing I want to change for next year?

By incorporating just a few of these practices, you can open up the door to a happier, healthier holiday season. Set yourselves new goals and ambitions. The holidays can be a time for re connection, joy, and new beginnings.

If you take care of yourself, you’ll not only enjoy the season more thoroughly, but you’ll also make the holiday season much sweeter for those around you.

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