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#Benefits of a Facials

Facials are commonly seen as a treat or a luxury service and tend to appear on top of the ‘gifts for her’ list, alongside a massage or manicure.

At a push the average lady may have a few facials throughout her adult life unless she suffer from any skin conditions in which case she may have had to seek specialised treatments.

Mainly due to the lack of knowledge and information ladies or even gents don’t perceive facials to be important, understandably other treatments tend to take priority like, going to the dentist. In fact a facial is quite similar. We visit the dentist to have your teeth cleaned in order to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. From a young age we are educated on how to keep our teeth clean and which foods and drinks to avoid to ensure we have good teeth as adults which will save us hundreds of pounds and less pain, but why are don't we know the importance of how to prevent our skin from getting damaged ?

Skin conditions and damage can arise as a result of hormone imbalance, stress, exposure to much sun, pollution, dirt, cosmetics, allergies, grime and many other factors. If we do not maintain our skin, it soon becomes noticeable not only on the surface, it can reach further down to the dermis(bottom layer). However not all skin conditions can be treated from the top, in severe cases you would be required seek medical advice.

Benefits of a facial

For most women the experience can be very relaxing, but this should not be the sole purpose of having a facial. The facial should be benefiting your skin. Your skin is always on display and can often dictate how we feel about ourselves from the outside as well as the inside, therefore it is very important we maintain a good skin routine and have regular facials. In order to maintain healthy skin and to slow down the process of ageing it is ideal to have a facial around every four weeks as our skin regenerates every 28 days and new skin cells are formed. Although if you are trying to overcome problematic skin like acne, scarring, hyper-pigmentation then more treatments would be advisable to get better results.

Step By Step Guide - What to expect from a facial

Step 1 Clean skin by removing any makeup and products that may have previously been applied. Consultation and reassessment of your skin.

Assess your Skin

Step 2 Exfoliating the skin with a gentle scrub will remove any dead skin cells and boost your blood circulation to assist with cell renewal of new healthier cells. Leaving the skin feeling smooth and allowing better product absorption, this also improves the skin's ability to retain hydration. Dehydrated skin can make your skin look dull, aged and increase pigmentation.

Step 3 Steam can be used to help open the pores to allow of blackheads, whiteheads (Milia) these can be removed with a tool or fingers. Removing blackheads stops the pores becoming larger through accumulation of oil and products and your skin will naturally look better and clean.

Step 4 Facial massage will help the skin and muscles to relax allowing your therapist to work on boosting your natural collagen.

Step 5 Massage will also reduce puffiness and dark circles by draining any toxins from your lymphatic system and boosting the blood flow around your eyes. Exercising the facial muscles slows the ageing process by stimulating the muscles which are not used as much, by giving them a lift bit like a work out.

Step 6 Masks are specific and will detoxify, increase circulation, and replenish nutrients. Which mask is applied will depend on your skins needs. If its mature, dry, oily or combination.

Step 7 Toners will temporarily tighten and close your pores, also hydrate, protect, refresh your skin and bring your PH levels down.

Step 8 Moisturisers will help increase hydration and protect your skin again assisting reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. It is important that your moisturiser includes at least SPF 15.

If you want to slow down the ageing process and improve the condition of your skin, leaving it feeling smooth, healthier and glowing then, Book your facial today!

Treatments available – #Arbonne, Pure safe & Beneficial (Gluten Free & Vegan Certified)

Advanced Anti-Ageing & Resurfacing Facial (RE9)


Cooling & Soothing Facial (Calm)

Ultra-Radiance & Hydration Facial (FC5)

Balance & Harmonise Facial (FC5)

Pure & Protect Facial (Clear)

Microdermabrasion (Calm)

For further information regarding treatments please contact

B’s 07596 003720 or visit our Website

B's Beauty and Holistic Therapy

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