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You are what you absorb? # Arbonne

Updated: Mar 26

Commonly we hear ‘you are what you eat’ when referring to nutrition and diet, when looking to shed a few pounds or we decide want to feel better with in our selves, we automatically look at what we eat. We look at increasing our fruit, veg and water intake, avoiding processed food, dairy products and alcohol, but there is a large factor we are all missing?

Q: What is the largest organ in our body? A: Skin

The human skin acts as a waterproof, insulating shield, guarding the body against extremes of temperature, damaging sunlight, and harmful chemicals. It also exudes antibacterial substances that prevent infection and manufactures vitamin D for converting calcium into healthy bones.

Skin additionally is a huge sensor packed with nerves for keeping the brain in touch with the outside world. At the same time, skin allows us free movement, proving it self an amazingly versatile organ.

Basically without our skin we would simply evaporate. The skin is made of a number of different layers, the three most important are epidermis, dermis and hypo dermis.

Your skin will absorb whatever you put on it studies have shown our face is more permeable than other parts of our body. We go about our lives not conscious of what we are absorbing, from cleaning products, shampoo, body wash and more obviously nutrition.

For many of us the way we look is very important and our skin can have a major impact on our lives causing depression, loss of self-esteem and mainly confidence. In order to change and ensure we get the best out of our skin we have to maintain it, by feeding it with nutritional products and drinking water. Whilst skin care manufacturers insist that our cosmetics are safe, there is a growing concern over the number of products we all use daily and the cumulative effect it has on us, with the rise of skin conditions and cancer. It is also becoming increasing common for people develop allergies or have intolerance to Gluten and dairy and wheat produce which can be found in our skin care ranges.

Preventative is better than cure!

Humans and nature have always had an intrinsic connection. Plants and flowers provide us with energy, vitality and life in so many ways. We are drawn to nature as it nourishes our soul and sense of well-being.

Arbonne provides Pure Safe and Beneficial products the ingredients are sourced from nature and chosen for its effectiveness and safety.

The products are non-toxic, Gluten free, Vegan Certified, Hypo allergenic, Dermatologically tested and the purest and formulate

without the following…

talc | tallow | carbon black | animal products or by-products | parabens | formaldehyde-donating preservatives | phthalates | formaldehyde | alkylphenols | benzene | monoethanolamine | triclosan | synthetic dyes | hydroquinone | artificial sweeteners | artificial flavors | cholesterol | trans fats | mineral oil

Having used these products for a few months myself and offered them to my clients I have seen amazing results, knowing I am able to help others, by not only helping them look better, feel better and boost their confidence . For me investing in these products has been extremely worthwhile. Every ones skin is different and we all have different requirements, it is a matter of perseverance to find what suits your skin and what it is lacking or what causes you irritation. Rather than buying expensive make up to cover up it is always best to get to the root cause of any problem regarding your health and well being.

For more information please contact me for a one 2 one consultation free of charge.

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