Holistic Treatments Available To help you Relax, De-stress and Improve Health.

March 1, 2018

At B's Beauty and Holistic Therapy we provide a wide range of treatments. Taking time out for yourself should be high on your list of priorities.  We have been gifted with one body to live in and its up keep needs be maintained with good quality treatments on a regular basis.


Treatment preferences vary according to the individual and at B's we strive to provide you with a unique experience to suit your requirements. All consultations are free of charge and and we will do our best to advise you on what and how we can help you with any ailments you may have.  Minor aliments like back pain, migraine, hormal imbalances, anxiety, insomina, stress can impact our lives in a major way and prohibit us from carrying sometimes the simpliest tasks. 


Aromatherapy Massage is a soothing yet firm massage using essential oils which all have different therapeutic qualities. A fabulous antidote to many problems associated with stress as it draws on calming, relaxing, uplifting

and restorative powers of massage with essential oils. A deeply relaxing massage tht cleanses the tissues of toxins and waste and reduces fat deposits.  It will leave you refreshed , in control with a feeling of total wellbeing. 


Reflexology is a method of bringing about relaxation, balance and healing through the stimulation of 60 points on the feet, all of which correspond to a part of the body. 

It activates the body's own healing powers to achieve its own natural state of balance and good health. Helps with many ailments naturally e.g. headaches, anxiety, insomina, digestive & hormonal problems etc


Indian Head Massage, is massage of the back, upper arms, shoulders, neck, scalp and face and all massaged using a combination of deep thumb and finger pressure, frictions and soothing effluerage.  The muscles of the neck and shoulders are stretched releasing tentsion, increasing blood flow and oxygen to the area therefore stimulation lymphatic drainage and eliminating toxins.  Indian head massage is very good for stress, anxiety and stress and for tension in neck and beck. Relieves headaches, eye strain and is good for sinusitis/coongestion and tinnitus.  It improves mental and physical strain and ailds concentration. Improves circulation to the scalp promoting hair growth. Rebalances and revitalises energy.


Why not try a combination treatment of all three ? For futher information please call us on 07596 003720




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