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NAILS (Nikhila's Nails)

Our nail service is provided by Nikhila's Nails based at our salon on a self employed basis, appointments can currently be booked with Nikhila on 07496776624.


Nikhila has a true passion for the nail services she provides, which she clearly shows through her work.

The different types of nails Nikhila provides are;

Gel Nails

Gel nails is gel polish applied directly to the nails and cured under a uv lamp. Gel Polish comes in many different colours and tends to last longer than normal polish.  Gel polish can require infill or maintenance after 3-4 weeks. To remove Gel Polish it has to be either soaked or filed off.


BIAB stands for builder in a bottle, also known as builder gel. BIAB is a strengthening gel product that is applied to the natural nail or nail extensions.  This product is very similar to regular gel polish but has a thicker consistency that improves the nail strength and causes less nail damage. BIAB nails are cured under a UV Lamp and removed by soaking or filed off.


Acrylic Nails 

Acrylic nails are made up of a combination of a powder dipped in a solvent solution which is laid over your natural nails or nail tip extensions.  The solution is left to air dry and then filed out for smoothness. Acrylics tend to be stronger than gel if you require more length. 

Gel, BIAB & Acrylics Nails grow out with your natural nail and will require infill or maintenance after 3-4 weeks or full removal either by soaked or filed off.

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