Fully qualified and insured individual eyelash technician offering classic, hybrid and russian volume lash extensions.


Classic extensions use a one to one technique applying one individual extension to one natural eyelash. This gives a more natural everyday look. The fullness of these depend on the amount of healthy natural lashes you have.


Russian volume extensions give a full glam look. They use a group of thinner extensions to create a fan that is applied to each healthy natural lash. The fans are handmade by myself during the appointment after assessing each natural lash.


Hybrid extensions are a mixture of the classic and russian volume lashes to give a more whispy look. It is usually a 50/50 mix but ratios can be altered to get the look you want.


Please be aware that each final look differs from person to person depending on eye shape, eyebrow shape and amount of healthy natural lashes you have. Aftercare advice will also be provided to ensure you get the best out of your extensions while preserving the health of your natural lashes.